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Jiří Hošek, Jiří Košta
  Swords uncovered at the burial ground of the Stará Kouřim stronghold (9th century) from the perspective of archaeology and metallography 7
Jolanta Bagińska, Piotr N. Kotowicz, Paweł Kucypera, Krzysztof Rybka
 A sword fragment from Nowosiółki Kardynalskie, Tomaszów Lubelski District. Materials and conservation remarks 31
Piotr N. Kotowicz
 The sign of the cross on the early medieval axes - a symbol of power, magic or religion? 41
Michał Stąpór
 Early medieval arrowheads with twisted sockets discovered in Poland - the concepts of purpose 57
Raffaele D`Amato
 The betrayal: military iconography and archaeology in the Byzantine paintings of the 11th - 15th c. AD representing the Arrest of Our Lord 69
Piotr Pudło
 Arms and armour analysis of a Judas Maccabeus` miniature in The Płock Bible 97
Petr Žákovský, Jiří Hošek, Patrick Bárta
 Dussacks with broad blades and a probable method of their manufacturing 105
Arkadiusz Michalak
  Swords and falchions from the Polish-Silesian-Brandenburg borderland (2nd half of the 13th - 1st half of the 16th cent.). Preliminary thoughts 137
Marcin Glinianowicz
  The brigandine from the Polish Army Museum in Warsaw - some thoughts about its provenance and chronology 157
Alan Williams
 What can scientific analysis tell us about the effectiveness of medieval arms and armour? 171
Anca Niţoi, Florin Mărginean
  Medieval and early modern military items discovered in the village of Taut (Arad County, West Romania) 175
Valérie Serdon-Provost
  The constitution of artillery parks and fortifications for defending cities during the late middle ages. The dukes of Lorraine in Nancy: a case study 189
Grzegorz Żabiński
  Das Grosse Ämterbuch des Deutschen Ordens - remarks on its value for arms and armour research 199
Tadeusz Grabarczyk, Olgierd Ławrynowicz
  With or without a helmet. Some remarks on equipment analysis of the mercenary troops in Poland in the late 15th century 213
Aleksander Bołdyrew
  The changes of offensive armament of the Polish mercenary infantry in the first part of the 16th century and their Influence on the Tactics of the Unit 221
Maria Legut-Pintal
  A study of the defensive system of Jelenia Góra in the light of archaeological finds and topographic landscape archaeology 229
Paweł Rajski
  Fortifications made of wood and earth in late medieval castles of the Sudety mountains 239
Jana Mazáčková
  Rokštejn Castle (Czech Republic): archaeological evidence of military activities 255
Lech Marek
  A short note on the crossbow bolt head from the siege of the castle of Kolno in Silesia 291
Katarzyna Smoleń
  Conservation of selected artefacts from Stare Kolnie site 297

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